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The idea of Baabroz art school is focused on polishing and raising the design and creative talent among individuals through short courses in Lahore. It’s a great platform for those who want to become the part of the creative river that is flowing with the full swing in all industries. Our short courses are aimed to develop effective skills among individuals so that they may open more ways for themselves to earn high. There are lots of business opportunities and new ideas to develop more earning sources, but they are never taught in our traditional and local institutes.

We are here to fill this gap and we are achieving this by giving effective skills that are really required in the market. When you give training by considering market needs and new trends then your students would not only beat the traditional professionals, but they would also compete the international professionals by using various online earning platforms. Such kind of courses are helpful to add good value to your daily earnings and to your country’s economy.

Short Courses in Lahore

Our short courses training programs include; graphic designing, photography, interior designing, web designing, digital marketing, 3d arts for character and environment designing, video making, sketching, digital illustrations, fashion designing, furniture designing, social media marketing, SEO training, game designing and 2d+3d animations.

We are aware of the importance of concept-based knowledge along with practical experience, that’s why our methodology is equally focused on both parts. In our all short courses diplomas, the first half of the lecture consists of theory and concept building techniques. Another half of the lecture consists of lab practice that enables you to practically implement the ideas under the mentorship of expert teachers.

To avoid the typical courses training ways that are being followed by all institutes, we have hired high-end professionals with impressive educational backgrounds and good market experience. It’s a common observation that there are lots of professionals who have good market experience, but they do not have the proper educational background, so they would not be able to develop creative grooming and new ideas among students.

Mentors (Teaching Team)

In other cases, some of the individuals have a good educational background but they do not have market experience, so they would never be able to train students according to market needs. That’s why, we have hired mentors who have the minimum of masters’ level qualification from well-reputed organizations like NCA, PU, PIFD, UET etc. We also consider their market experience in the respective industry and we are doing hard each day to maintain the highest standards of short courses in Lahore.

Creative Graphic Design

Short Courses TrainingShort Courses Training

Web Seo & Digital Marketing

3D Arts
(For Games & Animations)

2d animation baabroz2d animation baabroz

2D Animator and VFX Artist

Creative Photography

Interior Design
(Auto-Cad + 3Ds Max)

Drawing & Sketching
(Manual + Digital)

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Here are some of the projects done by our students. At the end of the course, we guarantee that our students would be able to clear any test and interview like NTS for any private or govt. base jobs. They would be able to achieve this level of work that would help them to start a good job or to start freelancing projects:

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