2D Animation and Video effects (VFX)
2D Animation and Video effects (VFX)
September 18, 2018
3D Character Designing
3D Character Designing
October 9, 2018
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Free Demo Classes

Free Demo Classes baabroz

Free Demo Classes on 6th October, Saturday 2018.

We guarantee the high level of skill development and 100% job success upon successful completion of any of the following #diploma. Avail this great opportunity to get creative knowledge from #NCA qualified designers and start a rewarding career in the creative industry;

1- Become a #Creative #Graphics #Designer ; 7 Pm

2- Become a Web Developer & Digital Marketing Expert; 8 Pm

3- Become a #3D Artist For #Games & #Animations; 5 pm

4- Become a Creative Photographer; 6 pm

5- Become an Interior and architectural designer; 6 pm

6- Become 2D animator and VFX Artist; 5 pm

For the Course Outline and Teacher’s Profile, visit: http://bit.ly/2LDlhLW or http://bit.ly/2CsnjyO

Email: info@baabroz.com | Tel: 0324-4617374 | https://www.baabroz.com/

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