2D Animator and VFX Artist


2D Animator and VFX Artist

The 2D animation and VFX course would be conducted by professionals and we assure you that every student will get to work on a few real-time projects at least to get the first-hand experience of the production industry. 2D Animation and interactivity is a creative studio art course that takes the students through the basic concepts and methods for creating two-dimensional animations and interactivity as a means of expression in the visual arts. Software applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and PremeirPro will be used to create animations and interactive contents. Students will create animated works, Video Editing, Postproduction, Video Effects as well as interactive content that will help them to get good jobs and to get highly paid projects from international platforms (freelancing).



Part 1 (Motion Graphics)

  • Basic concepts and fundamentals of motion graphics
  • Digital animations
  • Project planning and storyboarding, timing & narrative
  • Design concept, site organization, file optimization & sound
  • Adding basic interactivity through logical reasoning
  • Advance use of After Effect & PremeirPro
  • Non-linear editing
  • Using Motion Curves
  • Usage of Masks & Track Masks in After Effects
  • Rendering & Adobe Media Encoder

Part 2 (Animation)

  • Demonstrate effective use of timing and weight
  • Vector graphic creation and artistic rendering
  • Creation of a 2D Character and study of poses
  • Creation of a complete 2D scene and study of camera
  • Rigging and storyboard techniques to animation
  • Keyframing, tweening, and stop-motion animation
  • The 12 Principles of Animation
  • Finalizing sounds and music
  • Create a fully developed concept
  • Facial Animation
  • Developing a Final project

Part 3 (Visual Effects - VFX)

This Part introduces students to the fundamental skills used in the Visual Effects VFX industry. Students learn basic compositing and how the VFX field integrates computer graphics and 2D components with live action plates. It includes comprehensive practical exercises which simulate current industry pipelines. Students will have access to experienced mentorship for discussion and feedback. Following are the main topics:

  • Frame Size and Compositions
  • Video Editing & Compositing
  • Rotoscopy, scripting & match moving
  • Video Effects & Color Correction
  • Kinematic typography & Logo Animation
  • Object tracking & Camera Tracking
  • Green Screen Workflow
  • Final Project

Software and Programs

To achieve the above-described objectives, Participants will learn the latest versions of the following programs;

  • ADOBE Photoshop
  • ADOBE Illustrator
  • ADOBE After Effects
  • Spine
  • Dragon Bones